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What People are Saying About World Kitchens...

What Soldiers Say

Iím a soldier currently deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Your jerky is the best on the planet.  Thanks, the US Army loves you guys! Bobby - Iraq

My son is a soldier in Iraq, he IS a beef jerky expert. We have sent him many packages of beef jerky. He wrote yesterday and told me to order yours, because it is the best, hands down.  Rev. Dan - Cartersville, GA


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What Customers Say

You guys have the best and most consistent beef jerky there is. Thank you!  David - Belmont, CA

LOVE LOVE LOVE your beef jerky. Last year I was on a backpack trip and we had a jerky competition. World Kitchens won hands down!  Charles - Vancouver, WA

I was on a fishing trip in Minnesota and we bought a bag of your Peppered jerky...unbelievable, I've looked for good jerky for years and haven't found any worth eating until now!! Your products will be with me on every road trip, fishing trip, and hunting trip. Thanks for an outstanding product.  Lyall - Suwanee, GA

We love your beef jerky....we have to hide it from other people!  Juliana - Tuolumne, CA

The best beef jerky in the world! It's tender and full of flavor. We've told all our friends and family and now we're ordering enough to share. Thanks for producing such a great product.   Jeannie - Ruston, LA

You guys have the best jerky I have ever eaten. We are so addicted and we have tried everything!!   Jennifer - Woodridge, IL

Undeniably the best beef jerky I have had. It is a welcome stocking stuffer and birthday gift.   Dianna - Davenport, IA

This is the best beef jerky I have ever had the privilege of tasting!!  It has a beautiful texture and tastes divine!!! Thank you for making it.   Carol - Avondale, AZ

We really like your jerky, and have recommended you to friends and family!   Michael - Pasadena, CA

Love the jerky, simply the best. Please keep the quality up no matter what happens. David - Belmont, CA

Best darn jerky I ever jawed on - keep it going!   Jeff - Shawano, WI

Just wanted to say you guys make the best bag of Peppered beef jerky I have ever eaten. Please donít ever stop making it or I will starve to death!  Jeff H. - Portland, OR

I have bought all the jerky brands. There is no jerky that comes close to the texture and flavor of this jerky.  Juan - Selma, CA

I just have to let you know that your Old Fashioned Beef Jerky is the best, store brand, jerky I have ever eaten. I love the fact that I don't have to pull my teeth out to eat it. The flavor is addicting! I keep a bag in my desk drawer all the time for a snack. I have even given a taste to some of my customers and they love it.   Kay - Duluth, MN

All of the jerky is extremely flavorful, but you knocked my socks off with the Peppered variety. Best I've ever had!  Any new flavors planned for the future? Kihm - Sudbury, MA

Best jerky I have ever eaten.  Superb quality.  Have given your URL to many folks.  Ate all four packages in a very short time.  Thank you for such a fine food product.  George - Taylorsville, UT

I discovered your super jerky in a convenience store in Trinidad, CO. My husband loved it. He has tried many brands of jerky and occasionally makes his own but claims your product to be the best he has ever tasted.   Vicki  - Lubbock, TX

I am a jerky-lover that's sick of high prices and questionable product.  I discovered your jerky on a business trip to Idaho (I live near Seattle) that I make every couple months, and I'm hooked!  Now it's my favorite.  Thanks for your time, and for the great-tasting & fairly-priced product.  Your fan,    Todd  -  Redmond, WA

My shipment just arrived and I opened all four flavors right away.  All four flavors were wonderful!  I had co-workers commenting on the great taste and several of them took down your website address to go order some for themselves.  Thank you so much for the great tasting jerky!!  Staci  - DeForest, WI

 Hi,  Just a note to compliment you on the BEST JERKY I have tasted.  Great texture, outstanding flavor, moist and seasoned just right.  I will be a repeat customer.  Nick  - St. Augustine, FL

 Excellent Jerky. Great Taste, texture, freshness, and price. I make my own jerky, but for the value, I am buying yours.   Mitch  - Oak Ridge, TN

 This is by far the best jerky I have ever had. I gave this jerky to a couple of people for Christmas and they said this is the best they ever had. I had been making my own jerky for a while, but yours is so good and so reasonably priced, I just can't resist.  Thanks!!!!    Doris - Glen Allen, VA

 I just received my FIRST order at the office.  My colleagues and I had been waiting all day!  It was well worth the wait and I'm sharing the web address and my jerky with all my friends.  Thank you to my cousin in Palo Alto, CA, for the referral!   Terri - Fresno, CA

 I have enjoyed beef jerky for my entire life and even purchased a professional food dehydrator so I can make homemade jerky.  I have tried every brand of jerky sold in stores in my area.  Nothing I have ever tried compares with your jerky.  My wife, who has never enjoyed jerky, tried your jerky and loves it.  I am looking forward to trying your other flavors.   Josh  - Chattanooga, TN

 Hands down, the best jerky on the market...great flavors, nice texture, and great value. I don't know why anyone would buy anything else!    Chris B Baton Rouge, LA

 Hello: I sent the 4 pack to my son in Iraq last week. It was so good that he and his 2 buddies ate it all in 3 days!!   Eddie  - East Rockaway, NY

World Kitchens beef jerky has to be one of the best we've had!! Really, really tender! We shared, but only a little! Thank you for making such great jerky!!   Janet  - Indianola, IA

The "Best Jerky" we've ever had. Lean and chewable all the way through the bag. Thanks for such a great product. Take care,    Dean and Billie Jean  - Hartsel, CO

The best jerky ever. This stuff is habit‑forming. I have to reorder before I run out.   Dorothy   Brooklyn, NY

These bags were great Xmas gifts ‑ they loved them. Now I need some for our road trip to Vegas!   Teresa  - Antelope, CA

More Soldier Comments And AnySoldier.com

I love your jerky and so does the rest of my platoon.  It keeps use going on those long nights when you have little to no sleep.  Me and the rest of the Marines here with 9th esb Alapha Co. would like to thank you for what you do for the men and women who serve our great country.  Thanks, Lcpl.Perry  - A Marine Overseas

You have the best beef jerky that we have eaten.  I really appreciate what you are doing for the troops here in Iraq as well as where ever we may be stationed. Keep up the good work. MSG Sivert  - A Soldier in Iraq

Absolutely love your product.  My son is in Iraq, and recently asked me to make sure I've got plenty of it on hand for him when he comes home.  Heather  - Perry, IA

I am a corporal in the United States Marines currently stationed in Afghanistan. I just recently received a care package from my grandparents containing your Old Fashioned Beef Jerky. After tasting it, I was compelled to share it with my fellow troops.  Every single Marine that has tried your Old Fashioned Beef Jerky has declared that it is the best they have ever had. What my Marines most enjoy about it, aside from its outstanding taste, is its nutritious value. Not only is it low in fat, but it is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. This in itself helps greatly in our daily strenuous activities.  Corporal B.N. - Afghanistan

I have bought your jerky for my husband and am now getting an order for some of our Special Agents who are deployed to Iraq and cannot get this over there.  Iím sure they will love it as much as my husband did. Great job!!!   Vicki  - Goldvein, VA


Any Soldier started in August 2003, as a family effort to help the soldiers in one Army unit in Iraq by sending them letters or useful or desirable items.  Because of the  overwhelming requests, it expanded to include any member of the Armed Services in harmís way.

AnySoldier.com. remains a voluntary effort that enables individuals to support soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They are presently helping over 100,000 soldiers, and the number is growing.  We encourage everyone to visit AnySoldier.com and get involved.

The World Kitchens Team


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