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What is the shelf life of my unopened World Kitchen product? 
The shelf life of an unopened World Kitchens product is over one year.  In order to experience optimal color, flavor, aroma, and texture, the product should be consumed prior to the date printed on the package.  Once you open the package, it is important to reseal it completely between uses and to keep the oxygen absorber packet in the opened product package.  Cool storage conditions may help to extend shelf life of the products.. 

How would you describe the texture of your beef jerky?
Our beef jerky is somewhat soft while still being chewy.  It is definitely not dried out and tough.  We get about as many compliments on our texture as our flavor.   

What do I do if I am not satisfied with your product?
If you are not satisfied with our jerky, please email us at feedback@worldkitchens.net or call us at 715-466-7000.   

Are you interested in receiving customer comments?
Yes, we are very interested in your feedback.  Please feel free to email us at feedback@worldkitchens.net or call us at 715-466-7000. 

Where can I buy World Kitchens products?
We are proud of the fact that sales of World Kitchens beef jerky continue to be very strong, and it is becoming available in more and more parts of the country.  If you go to our store listing page, you will see an alphabetical listing of the different grocery, convenience, and other stores that currently sell World Kitchens products.   

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